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Rapid database construction

Voozanoo is both the information platform for our clients' web-based IT applications and the tool we use to create those solutions.  This tool allows our project managers to rapidly create the bulk of the IT system. We have also set up a website specifically for public health professionals to create their own information systems with this same tool. Of course you'll need to feel technically confident, but you can create a free account and manage your own information system. Training is, of course, available.

Designed for public health

Voozanoo started its life in 2002 as a solution for a public health database. Ever since then, we have been creating projects and building up the Voozanoo system with health and medical research database functions and methods. Thus, within Voozanoo you will find ways of approaching data management, data security, and data entry very much in line with the methods used in the health informatics industry.

150+ IT projects on Voozanoo

Over the years, our clients and partners have entrusted us with the creation of their IT systems. From Mongolia to Mali, Voozanoo servers are in place facilitating information collection, aggregation and analysis. Whether the server is set up within the IT infrastructure of the client or it is on our ASIP certified platform, our experience in a large variety of contexts has helped us anticipate issues in the planning stages of each successive project.

ASIP level data security

EpiConcept's Voozanoo-based IT systems originate from Information Security Management System (ISMS) practices that guaranty the availability, completeness, and the confidentiality of data to whom it is entrusted. Since 11 May 2012, EpiConcept has been a state-certified “Personal health data hosting provider.” The certification has been granted by the ministry of health, after a substantiated recommendation by a CNIL certification committee for a duration of three years. The certification is limited to the Voozanoo framework. The technical requirements in terms of security, risk analysis, and an established Information Systems Security Policy are very similar to the ISO 27001 norm. (ASIP health agency)