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Rapid database construction

Created in 2002, Voozanoo is a web application platform that allows one to create online information systems which can securely host personal health data. A flexible and modular system, it allows Epiconcept project managers to create applications adapted to customer needs without any special software development (some visual personalization may be needed).  Voozanoo can be operated in two modes, depending on customer needs:

  • • An installation within the client’s infrastructure
  • • In "Cloud" mode within Epiconcept’s certified platform "Personal Health Data Hosting". Since 11 May 2012, EpiConcept’s Voozanoo framework has been state-certified. The certification was granted by the ministry of health (ASIP health agency), after a substantiated recommendation by a CNIL certification committee. The technical requirements in terms of security, risk analysis, and an established Information Systems Security Policy are very similar to the ISO 27001 norm.

Voozanoo applies best practices related to Information Systems Security Management. It guarantees the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data.

Voozanoo also allows the customer to get involved, if they wish, in the development process by using a user-friendly editor via their web browser.

Designed for public health

Voozanoo is a framework specialized in the collection and management of multicentric data in the field of public health and research. The framework’s approach is in line with the methods of the medical informatics community. Voozanoo is regularly updated and made immediately available to users. Since 2017, all new projects have been developed under Voozanoo 4, the latest major version of the framework.

200+ IT projects on Voozanoo

Used daily by public health actors in France and internationally (from Mongolia to Mali), Voozanoo facilitates the collection, exploitation and analysis of data.




20 Sep 2018

The big news is that last spring we welcomed our new department director. Benoît Fétiveau has stepped into this position. Having previously been a project manager in our Team#2 in direct contact with the customers, he is making sure that Voozanoo 4 and the modules are well documented and that each development keeps our users in mind. So what’s new? Voozanoo: fast date entry, no “/” needed when entering dates; New boolean and group select widgets; New Announcement system filtered by rights and groups; dico code or label choice on exports Mailmerge: Can include images in the .docx model Mobile App: bar code reading; local data on device is encrypted; new matrix display EpiCraft: page and dico exporting; input fields with prefixes and suffixes; deployment of a subset of actions only; templates for personal perperties; resource script validation; varset storage limit indicator; Stats module: new R packages sna, magick, cowplot and binom available for use.

8 Dec 2017

This past fall the framework group has been working away on updates and corrections to the Voozanoo4 core, Mailmerge, Stats module, EpiCraft, EpiLog, and the mobile app. Voo4: now v2.25, new page router system, anti brute-force security, placeholders for listings on any form, passwords by SMS, speed optimisations, and new Cookbook documentation; Mailmerge: choice of dico representation and optimisations; Stats: R server optimisation, script mutualisation, choice of dico output, UI cleanup and improvements, and fuller documentation; EpiCraft: User profiles, project exporting, enriched publication environment, matrices completely overhauled; EpiLog: new dashboard application to view mobile app activity; Mobile app: New android version with alternate sms gateway possible, visual and speed improvements. We've also been moving steadily to include more and more of the Voozanoo eco-system applications into a continuous integeration workflow. This includes increased use of tools such as Docker, Travis, VM, and Git.


22 Aug 2017

Today we got word from Apple that the Voozanoo mobile app has been accepted for publication to their AppStore. If you have a Voozanoo project with Epiconcept, talk to your project director to discuss if the mobile application could be useful for your project.