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Voozanoo 3

 General - How to use Voozanoo 3, screen by screen. vooz-ref-sheets-en-v2.4.pdf

General - How to format text and add images. How to format texts and add images

General - many more Voozanoo 3 documents exist in French.

Voozanoo 4

Technical - Voozanoo 4 Documentation complète (french) (HTML)

  General - EpiCraft Voozanoo Editor Editeur EpiCraft EN v2.4

  General - Voozanoo 4 (v2.26) Reference Sheets Voozanoo 4 Reference sheets EN v1.5.pdf

  Using resource files: How to hide the buttons on a page for read-only mode.

Data Management : creation and use of filters

EpiCraft Editor : dictionary and variable archiving

Dictionary variables (check-box) splitable to multiple columns:

Creating calculated variables :

Creating coherence controls (constraints on user inputs)

Creating home pages

Add a widget to select a group on a given form

Example of a file to upload a varset to EpiCraft. Example CSV varset upload.csv

Example of a file to upload a set of dictionaries to EpiCraft. Example CSV dicos upload.csv

Example of a file to import 16 users to your project. 16 Voo4 users to import.csv


Modules Documentation

Mobile app - How the mobile app works with with your Voozanoo 4 project Overview

  Mobile app - How to install the app and save your first form Getting started

  Mobile app - Cheat sheet to making Voozanoo application available on the Mobile application

  Mobile app - Native functionalities and possible extentions Mobile extentions

  Epifiles -  User Guide

  Stats - R Statistics and Reporting module User Guide v2.0

  Stats - R Stats "EpiConcepts" library functions

  MailMerge - MailMerge module User Guide Mailmerge v3 EN.pdf