Voozanoo 3 and Wepi comparison

Hey, before you create an account, maybe you need Wepi and not Voozanoo 3. Will you need a relational database or just a simple single-form data collection system?

I'm not sure.

If your database is going to be just a single form, not relational (because Voozanoo is required for that), then you may want to take a look first at the functionalies below. Wepi is easy to use, but does not have all the functions Voozanoo 3 has. Voozanoo 3 has much broader and configurable functions, but a much greater technical effort is needed.

check out Wepi  or create a new Voozanoo 3 account

Function Wepi Voozanoo 3
Set range limits on input fields X X
Cut & paste for instant questionnaire creation X  
Give specific rules (MySQL) on acceptable field inputs   X
Create calculated variables   X
Create multi-page (tabbed) questionnaires   X
Make a question's response obligatory X X
Conditional display of questions or groups (aka jumps) X X
Levels of nested conditional displays  for questions or groups 2 unlimited
Display all or just specified variables when viewing a data listing all specified
Create filters for data listings (ex: women born after 01/01/1990)   X
Export formats CSV, EpiData, Stata CSV, EpiData, Stata, EpiInfo, XML, SAS
Create custom data exports exports everything X
Statistics and analysis of variables Fixed: frequencies, means, medians, SD, quartiles, missing responses broadly configurable: must be created
Hierarchique data groups (ex: National, Regional, local) 3 (owner, surveyor, individual) unlimited
Multilingual questionnaires   X
Reference table creation   X
Create different user roles (with associated rights) and assign a user to a given role. fixed: 1 owner, N surveyor, N individual Broadly configurable. Unlimited number of role types.


Certified hosting service for health data

Since May of 2012, Epiconcept's Voozanoo platform has been certified by the ministry of health as a personal health data hosting service. See more under the tab Services and Hosting.

Wepi Training

wepi trainingAlthough the goal of Wepi was to create a tool that is very simple to use, there are still some parts that might not be evident at first glance.

A half-day training session can be set up at your premises in which the users would create an example questionnaire methodically implementing each function, and then sharing and inviting others to complete it, and finally exporting the data.

The training also includes using the questionnaires created in Wepi on a tablet or smartphone. Contact for details. Epiconcept is a certified French training organisation n° 11 75 2615 675.