Fall 2017 busy development period

This past fall the framework group has been working away on updates and corrections to the Voozanoo4 core, Mailmerge, Stats module, EpiCraft, EpiLog, and the mobile app. Voo4: now v2.25, new page router system, anti brute-force security, placeholders for listings on any form, passwords by SMS, speed optimisations, and new Cookbook documentation; Mailmerge: choice of dico representation and optimisations; Stats: R server optimisation, script mutualisation, choice of dico output, UI cleanup and improvements, and fuller documentation; EpiCraft: User profiles, project exporting, enriched publication environment, matrices completely overhauled; EpiLog: new dashboard application to view mobile app activity; Mobile app: New android version with alternate sms gateway possible, visual and speed improvements. We've also been moving steadily to include more and more of the Voozanoo eco-system applications into a continuous integeration workflow. This includes increased use of tools such as Docker, Travis, VM, and Git.