A few updates on Voozanoo

Epiconcept’s Framework has recently developed tools and updates that could be useful to Voozanoo users: 

1. Reference and How-to documentation for Voozanoo4
As always, the basic documentation is on this Voozanoo website under the documentation tab and the more advanced technical documentation is on EpiDocs (a github wiki) 

2. Latest updates for the Voozanoo ecosystem:

While updating, we have also added new features to Voozanoo 4: 

  • A new Crowdin translation interface
  • Exports now use code as default for dico variables
  • New web service to retrieve the user token
  • Security against CSRF attacks
  • New meter widget to display bar and donut graphics
  • Clear indication of bad dictionary values in exports
  • New autocomplete widget (replaces the search field) with lots of customizable flexibility.     

Voozanoo mobile app: security updated to TLSv1.2, possibility to send logs back to Epiconcept in case of difficulties.

Regarding the Voozanoo modules: 

  • The EpiCraft Editor was also upgraded with:
  • Graphical improvements
  • An interface to define the varset relationships
  • Allow system variables to be placed on a page
  • In EpiFiles, filters are now available on the list of files deposited and the history of sent files.
  • Mailmerge can now generate images (such as QR Codes) on the PDF documents.

Last but not least, Voozanoo3 was translated to Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.