Modules and applications in the Voozanoo ecosystem


Voozanoo mobile application - a mobile app for your iOS and Android phones and tablets

If your Voozanoo application requires information to be filled in on forms on a mobile device, the mobile app is for you and your team (video presenation). Any Voozanoo 4 application can be configured to allow filling in of forms on a mobile device. The app supports multiple users and multiple projects and can be used for off-line data collection as well. The Android version has a special SMS data sending mode when there is no telephone data service available. Download the app from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play. You can get a feel for it with the demonstration project “Healthy” (User name: Jeanne; Password:vootest; Project: Healthy)
Contact your project director for more information about using it on your current Voozanoo project. For technical information or help, contact Epiconcept’s framework group at

EpiFiles -  An ASIP certified application for secure file exchange

EpiFiles ( is an application for exchanging nominative health related files among health professionals such as laboratories and health care providers. See the video presentation here.

Users of this application conform with national requirements and regulations for transmitting personal health information between health professionals. It is a straigh-forward way to handle file exchanges of large quantities and sizes.

The "Contributors" deposit their files into the zone or zones they have been given access to without being able to see other contributors' files and the "Downloaders" and "Managers" can download those deposited files.

EpiFiles DocumentationUsing EpiFiles

R Statistics & Reporting - web application & service

Over its 25 years of existance, the R programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics has become a formidable alternative to commercial statistics applications.  The Voozanoo Stats module relies on a dedicated and secure R server. As a web service, it allows a Voozanoo application to create high quality graphical representations of data as well as apply advanced mathematical analysis to the data. R is an open source language used by ohundreds of thousands of people and includes hundreds of contributed libraries for just about any professional endeavor. Epiconcept has created its own library "EpiStats" for epidemiology.

An analysis plan: the R scripts and their results


Budi - Task scheduler

BuDi stands for Bulk Dispatcher. It takes loosely organised files from application A and sends then to application B. The latter is typically the one that processes the received data, pulling them into a database for example. The frequency of pickup and dispatching is determined by the administrator who sets the execution time. All the events that transpire (pickup, sending, task success, task failure) are logged and certain ones are sent as notifications to the task creator. It is possible to attach a script to the data when it is being sent to the receiving application. The roll of this script is to tell the recieving application what it must do with the data. All data routes are secure and thus require authentification, be it on the file pickup or on sending.

A BuDi pilot has been integrated natively into EpiFiles which allows it to be either a source or destination of files. The combination of BuDi and EpiFiles could for example be used to get data files from the field (in csv, xml, or other) and then transmit them via BuDi at regular intervals to a third party application which centralises all the data.


Events history

BuDi schema as bulk dispatcher


MailMerge - web application & web service

MailMerge ( is a web application as well as a web service allowing Voozanoo and other applications to generate PDF documents based on data records. You can use three types of templates. Either create a .docx MS word document and put tags within the sentences where you want specific data to appear (this is the Microsoft Word method), by pulling in an existing PDF document and placing the tags on top of it at specific locations, or by using the on-line editor to create a model and placing your variables in-line with the text.

The web service allows a third party applications to pilot MailMerge in order to create documents in a manner transparent to the users.

Create the model with the built-in editor.


Upload a pdf file as the model and overlay your variables at the desired location.

MailMerge DocumentationHow to use MailMerge


Wepi - The web questionnaire tool for epidemiologists and health professionals

Not a Voozanoo 4 module, this application based one Voozanoo 3 ( allows a non-technical person to create web questionnaires and share the task of entering data among any number of individuals that he/she wishes.

Additionally, Wepi is compatible with Open Data Kit allowing an individual to fill out questionnaire forms on an Android tablet or phone.


graphic interface

Graphical or textual (not shown) user interface for questionnaire creation

Share your questionnaire in one of three modes: Surveyor, individual, or by URL.


Questionnaires can include GPS coordinates.


Wepi DocumentationHow to the editor’s text modeHow to create a basic questionnaireHow to share a questionnaireHow to use your questionnaire on a tablet or smartphoneHow to skip over questions, How to use GPS variables.

Open Data Kit - off-line data collection on a tablet or smartphone (compatible with Wepi)

For data collection in the jungle or on the street, Open Data Kit (ODK) was designed to work off-line. Once the questionnaires are saved to the device, the data collection begins. You don't need an Internet connection until you want to send your collected information back to your Wepi questionnaire. You can include the geo-coordinates of where the data was collected in the questionnaire in order to later visualise the results on a map. ODK is an open source application created by the computer science department of the University of Washington.


graphic interface

Home screen

One or multiple questions per screen


Questionnaires can include GPS coordinates.



SSO Portal - secure access to multiple applications

SSO (Single Sign on) is the technology that allows separate applications to share a single authentification step. When a user logs into his Voozanoo application, the SSO module assures that the supporting web applications (modules) are aware that the user has the right to use these other modules as well as access data from the Voozanoo application or write to it. This module allows for the centralisation of users, rights, and access managment to the applications. Included with this is a strong authentification protocol which requires users to insert a smart card (with built-in certificate) into a reader device connected to the computer and enter the card's secret code. ​

Single Sign On is transparent, it just works.

Wepi Training

wepi trainingAlthough the goal of Wepi was to create a tool that is very simple to use, there are still some parts that might not be evident at first glance.

A half-day training session can be set up at your premises in which the users would create an example questionnaire methodically implementing each function, and then sharing and inviting others to complete it, and finally exporting the data.

The training also includes using the questionnaires created in Wepi on a tablet or smartphone. Contact for details. Epiconcept is a certified French training organisation n° 11 75 2615 675.