Cohort follow-up

The field of health informatics is rather large and EpiConcept has created many different information systems. We have selected a few of them that represent certain categories of information systems.

The goal of cohort follow-up is to be able to follow a group of individuals, usually for a study, over a certain time period. During the time interval, different information about these individuals can be gathered and analysed.

The Epipage Project

The goal of the EpiPage project is to follow a cohort of children pre-maturely born in 2011 in various maternity wards throughout metropolitan France and some of its overseas terratories. Each year, the parents of these childrens must fill in a questionnaire about the general state of health of the child. In parallel, there are supplemental questionnaires that are created to deal with specific health issues for certain subgroups of this cohort.

Each new year of the study, upon request from the research team who has separated the cohort between those continuing and those not continuing, a new application based on the previous version is created. Each version of the application is created with the latest version of Voozanoo and allows the researchers to analyse the year-to-year data.  


The EpiConcept project team is linked directly with the Epipage team at the Inserm (National institute of medical and health research). For related projects, a direct line is created between the additional researchers and the EpiConcept project team.


During the development phase, each Thursday the Epipage team would send a document to EpiConcept clearly noting their test results. The EpiConcept team would then verify each item and give an estimate as to when the bug fix or new function would be in place. Once the project was running, some requests would be made to the EpiConcept team to help a user who got blocked on some issue or to add some small new function that was requested by users on the front lines.


This system allows the coordinators at the national level in Paris to have information about the cohorts and subcohorts in real time. The information is entered at the regional coordination level (the ones that are responsible for keeping in contact with the families) or directly by the parents who have received a link by email to go directly to the questionnaire.